It’s been a little while since my last post, due to the arrival of what seems like a little mini-summer here in London! And so I have been out and about, trying to enjoy the good weather while it lasts, and soaking up all of what is good about this fab city of ours (oh – and a bit of Devon too!). But to kick start my new launch of posts, what better way to start than with the fab work of designer and printmaker Jane Foster!

I have just purchased one of Jane’s gorgeous new cats..for a mere £15 each(incl. p&p!). Standing 11″ tall, in these brilliant vintage bold patterns, I know that this little feline chappy is going to look sooooo nice in our home!!! The hardest part is just deciding which one to take home!!! Jane makes these to order…so have a look at the collection to see which your favourite might be?


Sooooooooo cute! Check Jane’s screenprints out also…These are priced at £35 approx, and encompass 60’s fabric collage to compliment the screenprint.


Jane also makes cushions, aprons, bags, purses, brooches…all sorts of lovely things. Have a look at Jane’s website and blog for more info!