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Perhaps you have already picked up on my admiration for the work of Anthony Peters of imeus design?! I have praised his illustration and design work several times already on All Kinds Of New (see my sneeky-peek post on Anthony here)..and guess what?!!…i’m gonna do it again!!!

Anthony is fast becoming one of our hottest contemporary illustrators of the moment. His work seems to be evolving by the minute…seriously! I can’t keep up with the pace of his creation! He has launched a brand-spanking-new website only recently, showing off a whole spectrum of designs in all of their glory. The site is lush too…easy to use and lovely-looking to boot… And the work needs no introduction really (though i’m gonna!)…Gorgeous screen-printy-esque designs, playful and colourful with a retro feel..and fun fun fun! Just really satisfying! A fantastic use of text, with a strong design-influence, and yet familiar and homely! I really really like it!

Anthony was kind enough to let us interview him to find out more about imeus! Read on, mon ami’s…Hope you enjoy!


ke: Where do you live and work currently?

ap: Live in Luton and work in London & Luton. Retoucher by day, graphic artist / illustrator by night!

ke: How would you describe your work?

ap: Colourful and deceptively simple pieces often containing typography and illustration, a strong Pop Art / 50’s & 60’s design influence. Mostly done in Illustrator and Photoshop with the occasional foray into physical mixed media.

ke: Can you tell us some of the clients you have worked with over the recent years?

ap: The Art Group, L’Affiche Moderne, Habitat, Pure Design Group, GQ Magazine, Scarlet Magazine, Manna Records, The Real Art Co.

ke: If you had to choose, which would be your favourite piece or commission that you have worked upon?

ap: Often the most recently completed works are my favourites, as they are fresh and most often contain the use of new skills and techniques of which I am proud. I have recently been venturing into hand drawn typography, completing the Dr Seuss piece below as a private commission. The most recent pieces I am really happy with is the ‘Alpha-what?’ piece for the forthcoming East End Arts Club Alphabet show in May, and the self initiated works ‘Flight’ and ‘Tears of Ink For Beatle George’.




ke: Who, or what, would you say has been your biggest inspirations for your illustration work?

ap: Tom Wesselman, Slab Serif fonts, decay and damage, Sigmar Polke, Dr Seuss, Paul Rand, Charley Harper, Peepshow Collective, Stefan Sagmeister, Non Format, Jeff Koons, Spring & Summer, John Burgerman, Adrian Johnson, Richard Hamilton, Eric Carle, Audrey & Elliott, Mel Ramos, Alan Fletcher, Frank Stella, Bauhaus, Geoff Mcfettridge, Constructivism, Jean Widmer, Espo, Small Stakes, Aesthetic Apparatus, Josef Muller-Brockman, Jacques Villegle, El Lissitzky …..The list goes on forever!

ke: I always find it fascinating to see peoples’ working space..wether it be their studios or bedrooms, kitchens, garages.. or a tiny space on their living room floor! Please could you describe your working space, to give us a sense of where and how you work?

ap: Stacks of books, a turntable, toys, computer, graphics tablet, my children’s school artworks, wonderful solid oak desk, cat litter tray, stacks of vinyl, all crammed into a room also used as a family dining area!


ke: How difficult has it been for you to establish yourself as an artist?

ap: I am still far from established, which is probably why I still enjoy what I do so much! I think the secret to establishing yourself is to continue working on self initiated projects, whilst simultaneously keeping a keen eye out and actively seeking client work to grow your portfolio. Adhere to deadlines and produce work that fulfils the brief (and hopefully tickles you own aesthetic tastebuds) and you will find that the last client can be used as a springboard for the next.

ke: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in a similar field?

ap: Cynicism and sarcasm should be left at the door, you have to be prepared to do the little jobs, the free jobs and the jobs that you don’t really want to do. Enthusiasm is infectious and when mixed with good manners plus an original style you can’t go wrong, as the last client will remember you and pass you on to the next, before you know it you will have a bulky folio and a bright future.

ke: And finally…what are your aspirations for the future?!

ap: Would love to do a children’s book, get a lot more editorial work under my belt and exhibit more. Plus maybe try some new areas of work , such as animation and packaging design.

ke: Thanks Anthony!!! x


You can get your hands on some of Anthony’s Limited Edition prints via Laffiche Moderne ( Laffiche Moderne sells work by some of the hottest and most original talent around at the moment!) so be sure to check what’s available! Also – make sure you come to the next East End Arts Club show in May, where Anthony will be exhibiting his favourite ‘Alpha-what?’ piece shown above! You might also get to meet him..which is kinda cool! He’s jolly nice!

Here are a few more final designs for your eyes to feast upon…before I sign off! x



Had to share this with you all!!! Is too good to keep to myself!! Check out this special offer with Anorak – for one hour only – this Sunday! (i’m supposed to be at my spinning class, but this is too good to miss!).. I’ve featured Anorak on All Kinds Of New have a look at the review – lush stuff!!!



The jewellery by UK designers Ridley & Dowse is fab…!! I really like it..I like their simple sillhouette-style designs in stainless steel..some with almost ‘punctuated’ surface textures. How goddamn good?

Ridley and Dowse is the result of a close collaboration between two long-time friends – Vivienne Ridley and Susannah Dowse. Their collaboration combines their appreciation for aesthetic perfection, attention to detail and ethical beliefs on design and production. And how good are their results! Check out the necklaces below…Prices start at £35 approx upwards…but really reasonably priced, I feel!


And how cute are these earrings below..prices starting at £10… Soooooo good!


You can order online, on their ‘boutique’ page..But check the full collection out for yourself, as there are some really great gems!


Back in November last year, I wanted to find some lovely but unusual silver jewellery, to give to a really close friend as part of her birthday present. Not knowing where to look but wanting to get something really special, I randomly typed in ‘silver jewellery’ on the Etsy search engine, and was immediately blessed with the work of Linda Taylor, and her recycled and reinvented jewellery…also known as LTCreatesJewelry.

Linda makes knife, fork and spoon jewellery. Yep – thats right… rings, bracelets and pendants re-formed by hand from cutlery handles. But what makes these pieces so special are that each piece is absolutely unique! And all of the spoons and forks etc. are vintage pieces. So these really are special! Check out how gorgeous the rings are below… I ended up purchasing two (one which my boyfriend gave me as a pressie!) as I couldn’t decide which I liked the most!


But the prices are pretty astounding also…rings are approx $14.80 before postage (LTC is based in Florida)!!! So can definitely justify multi-purchasing!!! Have a look at Linda’s bracelets below too… In the flesh they are even more lovely, believe me. These start at around $24.50. But as all of the items are unique – and often made to order – I’d recommend purchasing as quickly as possible! Linda will ask for your ring (or wrist!) size, to ensure that you get the perfectly fitting piece!

Go check the website out for yourself, to see all current pieces for sale… So lovely!


picture-13 The home textile label Rouge du Rhin caught my eye at the Maison&Objet exhibition in Paris last month. Their tablecloths, runners, napkins, placemats and pillows all shouted out and caught my attention with their bold graphic designs and strong use of colour. I really want to own some!

untitled-13Rouge du Rhin was established in 1995 by former graphic designer Marianne Diemer. The good news is that they have an online shop where these beautiful items can be purchased! Cushions start at 44euros each, before postage (how nice are these above?!)..napkins are a mere 19euros each..and large square tablecloths are 172 euros approx… But check the ‘e-boutique‘ out for yourself for a closer look… Scrummy!



a conversation with…



Angie Crowe is definitely one artist to be watching right now. Her work has been showcased in two of the hottest contemporary Illustration and Fine Art exhibitions in London – the One Ton Show and the F**K ART Lets LOVE!! And it’s damn nice stuff! Although relatively new to the scene, Angie Crowe is already having her work profiled and shouted-about in online style blogs and art sites. With more exhibitions to come, plus new fab works being created at a speedy pace, Angie is sure to be a big hit!!

Her use of colour is lovely, and compositions satisfyingly bang-on..and the collage embroidery makes her work a joy to receive. It’s not just a painting..Angie’s work crosses the boundaries between textiles and design and fine art. It is like receiving a piece of craftwork…a 3D piece of design which is intricate and yet simple at the same time…and looks stunning on your wall. I love it!

On top of all of this, Angie also hosts her own trend blog Easy On The Eye featuring the hottest trends in all things art, design, and interiors-related! (I have to give thanks to Ms Crowe for a few contributions to this blog, as she has passed a few lovely things my way while doing her own research! Thanks Ange!).

untitled-12Angie was kind enough to answer a few questions!!


ke: Where do you live and work currently?

ac: London – I work full time for a fine art publishing company so I usually do artwork at the weekend, in my flat in Highbury.

ke: How would you describe your work?

ac: It’s a mixture of painting, sewing and paper collage, with a retro feel.

ke: Can you tell us some of the clients you have worked with over the recent years?

ac: I’ve only recently started getting back into my artwork so unfortunately not many clients (yet!). I am waiting to hear if a couple of still life images, very different to my usual pieces, are going to be accepted by IKEA. There is also the possibility of some of my collages being reproduced on canvas and some digital pieces as posters by The Art Group.

untitled-121ke: If you had to choose, which would be your favourite piece or commission that you have worked upon?

ac: It’s hard to choose between the piece I have only just finished or another called Bar Italia (below). My favourites always tend to be my latest pieces as I always think I can do better, but Bar Italia was a piece I did for ‘The One Ton Show’ and it was the first one I produced. I like looking at this and seeing how much my work has developed.


ke: Who, or what, would you say has been your biggest inspirations for your illustration work?

ac: I have always loved anything retro – design, homewares, clothes and I think this really shows in my work with both the colours and patterns. I think the most obvious artist that has influenced my work is Beatriz Milhazes, I just love how many colours she has in her paintings the big, bold patterns that have become synonymous with her name.

ke: I always find it fascinating to see peoples’ working space..wether it be their studios or bedrooms, kitchens, garages.. or a tiny space on their living room floor! Please could you describe your working space, to give us a sense of where and how you work?

ac: Small!  It’s a corner of my kitchen which has a table for cutting out the patterns and the wall which I pin the artwork to while I’m working. Once it’s nearly finished and all that is left to do is the embroidery I normally move to the lounge so I can watch TV while I’m doing it! I dream of having a bigger flat with a room I can call a studio!


ke: How difficult has it been for you to establish yourself as an artist?

ac: I don’t feel that I have established myself yet but I’m really happy with where I am at the moment, especially considering I only really have evenings and weekends to produce work and I only started doing this seriously about 6 months ago.

ke: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in a similar field?

ac: I think I’m far more in a position to be receiving advice rather than giving it out!  All I would say is if you are thinking about producing anything creative but don’t feel that you have the time – make the time. It really is rewarding and you never know what will come of it so at least give it a go. Also, take advantage of all the marketing opportunities that are out there, get a website, get on flickr, just get your work seen.

ke: And finally…what are your aspirations for the future?!

ac: I’d love to earn more from making art but  I enjoy it so much and just want to keep on doing it. Anything that comes from it is a bonus.

ke: Thanks Angie!!! x


To contact Angie direct, go to Angie’s website to see more from her portfolio, and to purchase on of your very own originals! Angie would also be happy to discuss personal commissions.




I really love the work of Ros Shiers. It seems to satisfy not only my love of strong, bold, graphic illustration, but also my passion for all things decorative and beautiful too. Plus, some of her pieces are on the ‘kinky’ side as well! not a bad combo at all!

Ros recently took part in two of the coolest, most impressive illustration exhibitions i’ve seen in ages, right here on our doorstep in London – and her work looked wicked. The first was the One Ton Show, held back in December at Shoreditch Town Hall, and the second was the fabulous ‘F**K ART Lets LOVE!!’ exhibition held at Swanfield Yard, E2. Both were hosted by The East End Arts Club…and both received more visitors on their opening nights than the venues’ could allow for! The two pieces Ros created for these shows are here below…and as you can imagine, they jumped right off the walls they were hung upon!


If you are interested in purchasing one of Ros’ prints, go straight to the online shop on her website….Or make sure you come to the next East End Arts Club show incase Ros partakes again! (watch this space for the next show info!)

Ros also undertakes many commercial commissions via her UK and Dubai agents – so go to her ‘contacts’ page on her site to find out more and see what might be possible. Ros is not only a very talented illustrator, but also a really lovely person too…so i know she’d be happy to discuss any projects with you!



If you live in London (or are visiting London) and haven’t been to this shop before, then you must! You just have to!!!! Caravan has recently moved from Spitalfields Market to Redchurch Street (just a short walk away from its’ former home) and is absolutely wonderful…A real treasure trove!


Caravan is filled with all sorts of homewares – from ceramics to coat hooks and ornaments of all crazy and wonderful kinds, to furniture and mirrors… If ever you need to find a gift for a loved one and you don’t know where to go – then look no further. Seriously… you really are spoilt for choice. But be warned’s one of those places where you end up buying things for yourself as well..the temptation is just too strong!! Here’s a glimpse of the kind of things on offer….



Told you it was fabuloso!! The shop is open Tues – Fri 11am to 6.30pm, Sat & Sun 12-6pm and Mondays & evenings by appointment. You can view some of their items online, but deffo check out the shop for yourself to see much, much more!