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As part of The Art Group‘s Let’s Play exhibition next week, All Kinds of New is launching it’s very own ceramic tile collection! Yes..for real!!! Please pop along to the Maverik Showroom and check these out for yourselves… 12 x open edition ceramic tile pieces…the collection being titled Ridgeway Road. You can purchase one of your very own for a mere £20..but should three take your fancy, there is a special offer of 3 for £50! Bargain! Perfect for a Christmas gift (for a friend or for yourself of course!!!).

Should you not be able to make it to the show next week, then make sure you visit the online Let’s Play shop, where you will be able to purchase these pieces once the show comes down on the 5th Dec!


Let's Play_lo

Not to be missed – an exciting new art exhibition in London’s thriving East End, courtesy of The Art Group – one of the world’s leading art publshers!! Let’s Play will be featuring originals and limited edition prints by the following fantastic artists, photographers, illustrators and designers..make sure you pop along if you can!!!!!

Trudy Good  /  Angela Smyth  /  Sam Toft  /  Megan Hess  /  Colin Ruffell  /  Richard Barrett  /  Shyama Ruffell  /  Jane Foster  /  Lov Li Design  /  John Murphy  /  Blanca Gomez  /  Moose Allain  /  Claire Rollet  /  Julene Harrison  /  Marianne Groennow  / Jon Burgerman  /  Ian Winstanley  /  Howard Shooter  /  Kareem Rizk  /  Anthony Peters  /  Deborah Azzopardi  /  Phil Sheffield  /  James Brown  /  Ben Allen  /  Terratag  /  Ruth Green  /  Sarah Beetson  /  Jeremy Dickinson  /  Lara Bowen  /  Lisa De John  / Helen Musselwhite  /  Kate Jenkins  /  Angie Crowe  /  Tate Sisters  /  Jen Judd-McGee  /  Helen Lang  /  Nick Boyce  /  Susanne Josephson  /  Amy Wicks  /  Jess & George  /Karin Akesson  /  Hanna Melin  /  Maria Dahlgren  /  Graham Rawle  /  Christopher Lane  /  Chris Farrell  /  All Kinds Of New  /  They call me Mister..  /  Natsko Seki  /  Deborah Schenck

The Maverik Showroom, 68 – 72 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP (

Open 2nd – 5th Dec, 2009 (late opening on Thurs 3rd Dec until 9pm!)