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Words cannot express how gorgeous I think Bjørg jewellery is. Not only is the jewellery sumptuous and sexy, but so is the website and photography. Beautifully enchanting and magical!


I am so lost for words, that i don’t think i’m going to say anything. Check these product pics below..and then explore the website for yourself…..Enjoy…!!




It’s been a little while since my last post, due to the arrival of what seems like a little mini-summer here in London! And so I have been out and about, trying to enjoy the good weather while it lasts, and soaking up all of what is good about this fab city of ours (oh – and a bit of Devon too!). But to kick start my new launch of posts, what better way to start than with the fab work of designer and printmaker Jane Foster!

I have just purchased one of Jane’s gorgeous new cats..for a mere £15 each(incl. p&p!). Standing 11″ tall, in these brilliant vintage bold patterns, I know that this little feline chappy is going to look sooooo nice in our home!!! The hardest part is just deciding which one to take home!!! Jane makes these to order…so have a look at the collection to see which your favourite might be?


Sooooooooo cute! Check Jane’s screenprints out also…These are priced at £35 approx, and encompass 60’s fabric collage to compliment the screenprint.


Jane also makes cushions, aprons, bags, purses, brooches…all sorts of lovely things. Have a look at Jane’s website and blog for more info!


I have come across Nina’s beatuiful ceramics on one or two other blogs in the past I think…but it wasn’t until a friend sent me a link to her website that I appreciated fully just how gorgeous her products are (cheers, Angie!)! Check these beauties out below…!!!!!


Nina describes herself as a ‘Dutch student and an arts and crafts lover!’ To create these gorgeous ceramics, Nina uses a combination of slipcasting (using molds) and hand shaping. Each item is made, decorated and finished by hand and therefore unique. Similar pieces may be made on request, but Nina doesn’t make identical items – which is fab to know!!! Her vintage ‘redecorated’ ceramics are vintage items that Nina has applied her handmade screenprints to. Lovely!

Nina has her own website, where you can see her ceramic collection – as well as other lovely things – in full! And you can purchase your own Nina piece directly from her etsy shop. It seems like stock may be low at present…but keep an eye out for when she might have new pieces…If they are anything like the following, then they are going to be to die for! And check the prices too – tres reasonable indeed! Plates are around the $40 mark approx. But check her sites out for more!



While on a search for a new bedside lamp for the boudoir (to replace the one i’ve had since I left home for Uni as a sprightly 18yr old), I have stumbled upon this interiors collection online, and am kind of blown away! EDIT are an interior design collaboration based in Australia (yes..Oz – drat!), and are offering some absolutely stunning items in their Surry Hills Studio! I can’t tell you how gutted I am that I can’t just pop along and check out the studio myself!! Humph!

So these pics below will have to satisfy for now! EDIT combines the talents of Sharyn Storrier Lyneham (former editor of Vogue Entertaining & Travel and Vogue Living) & Belinda Seper…both extremely experienced and talented women. Their products are just beautiful – re-imagining of vintage objects and fabrics into new homewares and furnishings. Sofas, tables, chairs, lamps, wall art, fabrics…the list goes on… But all super-fun, stylish and sophis! I just L O V E their lamps!!!! The colours..the quirkiness…a blasting on the visionary taste-buds…Nice!


02How nice is the ‘stamp’ lamp above….? And the hand-painted Union Jack chair?


Beautiful, hey? I guess the search goes on for my bedside lamp…..