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I have just come across these beautiful shawls from Nicola Lokko – also known as My-Shell Me-Shell, and they look rather lovely, don’t you think?

Things to know about this gorgeous company and these gorgeous products include the following; they use rare breed sheep yarns, are UK based (sunny Brighton!), use local manufacturers, and use “lovely local hand-knitters” including Anne who is 70yrs old, and when isn’t knitting her wonderful shawls is often using up oddments to make blankets for the RSPCA.

Love it!!!!

(this is their box packaging…who wouldn’t want to receive a shawl in one of these!!)



I visited the ever-wonderful Cockpit Studios last Sunday in the rain…and boy, it was soooo worth it. I knew it would be! I floated from studio to studio in a wistful dream, wanting to take home all of the lovely creations on show. I have been doing a beginners pottery course every Monday for the last few months (an AMAZING present from my boyfriend – whoop whoop!) and am just in awe of anyone working with ceramics. And SO many can be found at Cockpit!

New to me (but maybe not to you?!) was the work of Shan Annabelle Valla below… Her porcelain birds were just gorgeous, and I am regretting not taking any home with me now! But there is an online shop (hurrah!). Check out her porcelain keys (especially the brooch)…and I am just head over heels with the ‘half’ busts; 5 cast busts, hand cut and arranged in frame. Beau-ti-ful!!

Here we have BUDDUG – another glorious find from yesterday’s trip to Pulse… I think these are gorgeous! If you’re London-based (or London-visiting!) then pop along to Jessie Chorley and Buddug’s shop in Colombia Road to check out their creations of hand made enamel jewellery & homewares (plus other delights). But fear not..if you are unable to make a visit, BUDDUG also have an online shop here! Result!

I came across these rather pretty ceramic pieces this morning at Pulse..and wanted to show them off ASAP. Aren’t they sweet? I really want the jug! Go to Tea with Bea to have a closer look.. They have lots and lots of different ceramic tableware pieces to drool over! (dribble dribble!)..

…for my recent absence!! I have been in the process of moving into our very first (purchased) home…and have been unpacking..and wallpaper stripping..and cleaning..(ooh – and even gardening!) and reshuffling…and a bit more unpacking..and another reshuffle!..and so have completely neglected All Kinds Of New! Please, my blogging friends, bear with me, as I have LOADS of lovely new things to show you! Watch this space!