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All Kinds Of New came across the breathtaking work of Aurore Thibout only recently, whilst browsing vintage furniture shop Elemental, in Old Spitalfields, East London. Aurore Thibout is a Paris-based artist who defines her work through both art and fashion. Thibout creates unique hand crafted pieces that blur the border between clothes and textile art. The 3D art works below are wonderful; delicately feminine and yet frozen..almost ghostly…hence the perfect name of ‘Memory Clothes’. Really beautiful.


Some of Thibout’s fashion pieces can be seen below…all extremely wearable..



I have been a very lucky girl this Christmas, receiving the most beautifully designed 2009 calendar ready for tomorrow! This gorgeous Deluxe Calendar, from SusyJack* Contemporary Paper, consists of 12 tall, thick cover-weight pages with abstract illustrations, organic patterns and bright, delicious colors…on 100% recycled paper.


Created by Susan Connor, a Manhattan artist and designer, the SUSYJACK* collection emerged in 2007 as bold new alternative in the paper goods market. The range includes beautifully designed notebooks, jotters, notecards and wall art…and every product is a piece of artwork in itself. SUSYJACK* is inspired by everything from trips to the hardware store to textiles and fashion…and the results are just lovely! Check out these desk clips below…now how cool are these?


SUSYJACK* are committed to creating the most eco-friendly paper goods possible. All of Susy*s products are printed and hand-assembled in the USA. Recycled packaging is used for shipping and office needs whenever possible, and all papers used in Susy*s products are 100% Post Consumer Recyled.

Ok..what else better to kick start All Kinds Of New with, than the loveliest piece of ceramic-ware that i’ve come across in a long time…And believe me, I LOVE my ceramics! Check out these Yum Brella Bowls (even the name makes me smile!) by Benjamin Hubert..available direct from Benjamin at These are just gorgeous!!

It’s worth noting that Benjamin Hubert won this years’ Blueprint Award of Most Promising Designer 2008…so definitely worth keeping an eye out for! Mmmmmmm….lush!


FINALLY!.. All Kinds Of New are ready to rock this cyber joint (ha ha..dear oh dear!!) It has been a long time coming, believe me, but we are now ready to rock and roll!

All Kinds Of New aims to bring you an insight in to just some of the lovely, stylish, most wonderful examples of design we come across in our everyday lives. From the hottest artists and illustrators in town (and those a little more hidden!), to ceramics and craft pieces that you just cannot live without, All Kinds Of New will bring them all together under one roof right here! And maybe anything else that takes our fancy!

So for a little visual fodder while the boss isn’t looking, or for some brilliant ideas for online shopping (albeit window shopping!)…drop in and check us out and see what we can recommend!

Happy 2009!!