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How gorgeous are these pieces below? I have just come across them on the Niki Jones online shop..which offers some really beautiful items. No two items in the Niki Jones collection are quite the same, with each piece telling its own unique story – from its humble beginnings to its final destination as a treasure to take pride of place in your home.

The cushions start from £45 upwards..and one or two of them are currently in their sale, so have a look quickly if they catch your eye! I think they’re absolutely lovely!

The circular black & white cushions are 100% lambswool, hand knitted in India. The design is based on Icelandic jumper yolkspieces..and how lovely are they??!! The coloured circular cushions are inspired by traditional Uzbek textiles from North Afghanistan. 100% cotton casement base cloth with hand embroidery and handmade cotton pompom details… so yes… really deeelish! Have a look at the website for more info on specific pieces…I’m also liking their papier mache boxes too..and some Christmas decorations, which i’ve included pics of here! Mmmmm……yummy!


I came by the work of the San Francisco-based designer & ceramicist Diana Fayt a few days ago..and am so pleased I did!… See her work here below, which is all available to purchase via the beloved etsy on her oneblackbird shop. Prices start from about $30 upwards. I love her tall vases, along with sailing ship piece specifically! Her colours and shapes are gorgeous! The line work is so delicate and fine and pretty….

Here are some more pieces – all from her own website… Oh boy… i’ve fallen in love I think…..

I have just come across these pillows by Lithuania-based duo – PetPunk! How fab are these? I love the subtlety of the design..the quirkiness..and yet just really beautiful too…. Really nice….

PetPunk is the creative collaboration of designers Andrius Kirvela & Gediminas Šiaulys, who also turn their stylish attention to illustration, motion graphics and animation…so a pretty skilled team, huh?!!!

The two pillow set cost a mere 35euros, including shipping, via PayPal!

I just wanted to share the work of designer-illustrator Johanna Basford with you! You may have come across her work before… I first became familiar two years ago with Johanna’s China Blue Bed Linen which won ‘WINNER OF THE BEST IN BEDROOMS ELLE DECORATION AWARD 2007’ (see below, top-left). Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Since then, Johanna’s portfolio has grown extensively, with some really exciting projects, and some seriously striking designs.. Deffo someone we will be seeing a lot more of, i’m sure!

(clockwise: Heals’ China Blue Bed Linen…Self initiated project for Creative Review, 2009…limited edition Paradox Labels, for Brewdog, Scotland, 2008…temporary window display for the Canary Wharf shopping mall, Canary Wharf, London, 2009…Hand Crafted Chess Set…Collaboration with fashion designer, Graeme Armour…self-initiated tree illustration…Ministerial Gift for the Scottish Parliment)

I have had a thing about poufs ever since visiting Maison et Objet last year…and so my ultimate present this Christmas had to be the two beautiful OM poufs which my boyfriend bought me as a surprise. I adore them… They are just soooooooooo lovely!!!

OM Home is the creative brainchild of Toronto-based designer, Oorbee Roy. In parts of India, women decorate the floors with geometric patterns and floral designs to celebrate religious or festive occasions. An ancient practice passed down from generation to generation, the original Alpona methods are still in use today. Oorbee Roy learned the techniques by watching her mother draw an Alpona design in the sand, and by the time Oorbee moved to New York years later, her own Alpona work had steadily progressed through a combination of influences from both her Indian heritage and her American upbringing.

Then in 2002, on a trip to Kolkata, India, Oorbee learned that Alpona was a dying art form. Soon after, she began collaborating with local artisans to develop a line of pillows and table linens – their expert embroidery skills merged with her designs in an array of wonderful colors and fabrics and bold patterns to reincarnate Alpona for future generations.

OM Home has some stunning products on their website, and so please do take a look.. The poufs are my absolute fave…but have a look and see what their other lines include… Their colours and pattern work are just fantastic…

I have just come across the lovely photography of Zee Longenecker, and just wanted to share these funfair shots with you…. I love the colours…the warm sugary feeling…. I can almost taste the candyfloss!!…. Just gorgeous….especially on cold winter days such as today… brrrrrrrr…..