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How beautiful are the pieces below…? By Edinburgh-based sculpturist Frances Priest. I think I have fallen in love! This work is so gorgeous..I want to pick them up and turn them over in my hands..over and over..(I wouldn’t let anyone else do this of course..should I own one!!!! ha! way Jose!)

Frances exhibits her work internationally and has won many awards – surprise surprise!!! Her most recent awards are from The Scottish Arts Council for Professional development and The Benno Shotts Award for Promising Young Scottish Sculptor at The Royal Scottish Academy. She was also selected to represent Britain with five other ceramicists at the European Ceramic Context 2006 and at Talente in 2001. So definitely one to watch!!! 

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Frances’ website is under construction at the mo, but be sure to keep checking – to see more of her wonderful work! Frances is represented by The Scottish Gallery, and her work is included in the collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum, London,  The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and The National Museum of Scotland.


Picture 13

I have only just discovered the work of Lucy Renshaw for myself (though I am convinced I have come across some of her pieces in style magazines etc…?) and really wanted to share this find with you!

British designer-maker Lucy Renshaw creates some really fun and wonderful products..the focus being a re-work and rejuvenation of discarded furniture. The results are gorgeous and quirky and fun…and functional too! Lucy rebuilds reclaimed chairs and lamp stands, creating original hybrids, mixed with other fabric ideas and reinventing them into new products. She combines techniques of surface embellishment, embroidery and screen printing to produce imaginative and inspired interior products! Lush! Have a look at just some of her pieces below….They’re stunning..

020301You can source several items from Lucy’s collection on, but for more info on stockists and prices, it is best to contact Lucy direct on her website…Lucy receives commissions too…which would be particularly exciting I think!!!!!! Mmmmmmm….