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I came across Miho – Unexpected Things in the amazing Fleux store in Paris last year, but they also had a fantastic stand at the Maison et Objet show in Paris this week! I really like their products – so much so that I have a new little birdbox ready to construct in our new home (which hopefully I’ll be able to put up soooon!). Miho’s products are really sweet – a DIY little beauty which comes flat-packed but which is really easy to put together. I have it on good authority that you can purchase the range at the V&A shop (or is it Tate Modern?) as well.. And so for anyone without a garden but who would like to get in touch with their ‘feathered friend’ side, then these are for you….


Ohhhhhh friends… how long has it been? Too long.. that’s how long!

However, I return with treats! I have just come back from visiting the amazing Maison & Objet show in gay Paris, and was blown away by so many wonderful, inventive, pretty, exciting things.. and so I am trawling my way through all of my finds to share some of them with you… Formidable!!!!

Firstly, please meet Gong – the collaboration between Belgian designer Jo Plismy and French designer, Guillaume Evrard. Gong produce bespoke furniture, handmade silk lamps and an array of interesting and unique objects for both the contemporary and traditional interior…but what caught my eye and my heartstrings was these absolutely breathtaking lampshades…

I am not alone in thinking this, am I? These are gorgeous!!!!! The pair have worked on a growing number of private residential projects and restaurants in London, while the wholesale part of the business continues to grow… and so watch this space!


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!! I am so so sorry for my recent absence.. the whole Christmas and New Year fever knocked me off my feet (and straight into a box of Ferrero Roches) and I have been very neglectful on my posting-front! But I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and relaxed to the max!

I wanted to kick start 2011 with something I’ve been holding on to for a little while.. but which I adore and have been wanting to write about since first finding it! Have a look at the gorgeous ‘Dressed Furniture’ by Soojin Kang below. How beautiful are these pieces of furniture? I love them love them love them love them love them love them!! The colours are delicious too…

To give you a bit of background detail re; these lovely works, ‘Dressed Furniture’ is inspired by traditional crafts and antique raw materials, hand made by Soojin Kang.  The scarcity of the antique furniture she uses means that each item produced is extremely limited and wonderfully unique. Please enjoy!…. x