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I have a new blog, dear people!! After nearly 5 years of working on All Kinds Of New, I am excited to be embarking upon a new venture with a very good friend of mine. Please check out our new joint ‘home’ at

ImageMorning Edit is an inspiring online ‘home’ for design-lovers, object-hoarders, print-admirers and for anyone who obsesses over even the tiniest of interior objects. So that’s you and us, guys!

Having worked together for over 7 years as Researchers in the publishing industry, sourcing new talent for both the global Interior and Stationery markets, Angie and I have embarked upon this exciting adventure of bringing together even more loveliness all under one roof for you to enjoy. We’ve been wanting to develop this for ages, and finally we’ve got things happening!

And so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and visit us… our new home. Thank you so much for visiting All Kinds Of New and following my sporadic, creative ramblings… if you’ve enjoyed your time here then you’ll love Morning Edit even more!

See you soon!

Katy xx



I am so excited… My name is finally in print! Yes-siree!

Grab and cuppa, and check out the brand new issue of Paper Runway – an amazing, lovely Australian magazine which has only been in circulation for just under  year, and celebrates all things paper, art and craft-based! I have just started contributing features to Paper Runway which is both humbling and exciting! It’s a really lovely mag, available both online here and in certain stores worldwide (including Paperchase, Tottenham Crt Rd, London shortly – whoop whoop!).

It was such a joy to write for this magazine…my features with the wonderful Philip Sheffield and Barry Goodman can bee seen on pages 27 and 58, and their work looks fab, don’t you think?!!! Both Philip and Barry were very kind to allow me to interview them! Such lovely, talented gentlemen!

Issue 5 will be coming out in a few months time…watch this space for more installments!

How brilliant are these artworks? I came across these Vivienne Maun pieces at the Maison et Objet show last week, and really loved them! And on closer inspection of their website, discovered that they had even more – all equally slightly bonkers and brilliant!!!! These chappies can be found on Vivienne Maun’s website here so take a look!

I love animal-busts anyway, but particularly when it’s done in a new, inventive way… I absolutely adore the pink piggy and rather cheeky doberman! Heee heeeee!


I am a MASSIVE fan of A Little Bit Of Art; an online gallery specializing in selling limited edition prints at affordable prices.. Not only do they sell their pieces online, but also at pop-up events, design shows and other temporary events – offering a really nice, diverse collection of artists’ work. Artists include James Brown, Freya Cummings, Ben The Illustrator, Art For Babies, Joe Magee, Gary S. Holt, Hannah Bays, Jonas Ranson, Lucie Sheridan, Simon Tozer and Gato Gateaux – to mention just a few!! Seriously – go check them out NOW!!!

Another artist A Little Bit Of Art features is the fabulous Delphine Lebourgeois. Not only has she a wonderful name (Katy sounds soooo boring in comparison…sigh!) – but her work is equally as exciting… Here are a few pieces i’ve picked out below…

For me, the colours just seem so vibrant and exotic…and the imagery itself feels quite magical..even mysterious. Have a look at Delphine’s website & blog here…and to buy any of this artists’ work as prints, go to the A Little Bit Of Art website where prints are priced from about £150 upwards (as editions of 20). Magnifico!

Wooooo hooo! Happy Birthday Ros!! Thank you for your superb present to us! 🙂

Check out Ros’ brand-new digital prints above.. only £14 with discount!!!!!!

SO lovely!


Check out these hot deals from Karin Akesson!!! Such gorgeous work!!!!

‘Tomorrow something wonderful will happen’ Print was £20 now £15 (including UK Postage!)

‘Today will be a great day’ Tea towel was £10 now £7.50 (each)

Limited Edition ‘Love BIrd’ Prints was £25 now £18.75 (each)

Let's Play_lo

Not to be missed – an exciting new art exhibition in London’s thriving East End, courtesy of The Art Group – one of the world’s leading art publshers!! Let’s Play will be featuring originals and limited edition prints by the following fantastic artists, photographers, illustrators and designers..make sure you pop along if you can!!!!!

Trudy Good  /  Angela Smyth  /  Sam Toft  /  Megan Hess  /  Colin Ruffell  /  Richard Barrett  /  Shyama Ruffell  /  Jane Foster  /  Lov Li Design  /  John Murphy  /  Blanca Gomez  /  Moose Allain  /  Claire Rollet  /  Julene Harrison  /  Marianne Groennow  / Jon Burgerman  /  Ian Winstanley  /  Howard Shooter  /  Kareem Rizk  /  Anthony Peters  /  Deborah Azzopardi  /  Phil Sheffield  /  James Brown  /  Ben Allen  /  Terratag  /  Ruth Green  /  Sarah Beetson  /  Jeremy Dickinson  /  Lara Bowen  /  Lisa De John  / Helen Musselwhite  /  Kate Jenkins  /  Angie Crowe  /  Tate Sisters  /  Jen Judd-McGee  /  Helen Lang  /  Nick Boyce  /  Susanne Josephson  /  Amy Wicks  /  Jess & George  /Karin Akesson  /  Hanna Melin  /  Maria Dahlgren  /  Graham Rawle  /  Christopher Lane  /  Chris Farrell  /  All Kinds Of New  /  They call me Mister..  /  Natsko Seki  /  Deborah Schenck

The Maverik Showroom, 68 – 72 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP (

Open 2nd – 5th Dec, 2009 (late opening on Thurs 3rd Dec until 9pm!)


It’s been a little while since my last post, due to the arrival of what seems like a little mini-summer here in London! And so I have been out and about, trying to enjoy the good weather while it lasts, and soaking up all of what is good about this fab city of ours (oh – and a bit of Devon too!). But to kick start my new launch of posts, what better way to start than with the fab work of designer and printmaker Jane Foster!

I have just purchased one of Jane’s gorgeous new cats..for a mere £15 each(incl. p&p!). Standing 11″ tall, in these brilliant vintage bold patterns, I know that this little feline chappy is going to look sooooo nice in our home!!! The hardest part is just deciding which one to take home!!! Jane makes these to order…so have a look at the collection to see which your favourite might be?


Sooooooooo cute! Check Jane’s screenprints out also…These are priced at £35 approx, and encompass 60’s fabric collage to compliment the screenprint.


Jane also makes cushions, aprons, bags, purses, brooches…all sorts of lovely things. Have a look at Jane’s website and blog for more info!


a conversation with…



Angie Crowe is definitely one artist to be watching right now. Her work has been showcased in two of the hottest contemporary Illustration and Fine Art exhibitions in London – the One Ton Show and the F**K ART Lets LOVE!! And it’s damn nice stuff! Although relatively new to the scene, Angie Crowe is already having her work profiled and shouted-about in online style blogs and art sites. With more exhibitions to come, plus new fab works being created at a speedy pace, Angie is sure to be a big hit!!

Her use of colour is lovely, and compositions satisfyingly bang-on..and the collage embroidery makes her work a joy to receive. It’s not just a painting..Angie’s work crosses the boundaries between textiles and design and fine art. It is like receiving a piece of craftwork…a 3D piece of design which is intricate and yet simple at the same time…and looks stunning on your wall. I love it!

On top of all of this, Angie also hosts her own trend blog Easy On The Eye featuring the hottest trends in all things art, design, and interiors-related! (I have to give thanks to Ms Crowe for a few contributions to this blog, as she has passed a few lovely things my way while doing her own research! Thanks Ange!).

untitled-12Angie was kind enough to answer a few questions!!


ke: Where do you live and work currently?

ac: London – I work full time for a fine art publishing company so I usually do artwork at the weekend, in my flat in Highbury.

ke: How would you describe your work?

ac: It’s a mixture of painting, sewing and paper collage, with a retro feel.

ke: Can you tell us some of the clients you have worked with over the recent years?

ac: I’ve only recently started getting back into my artwork so unfortunately not many clients (yet!). I am waiting to hear if a couple of still life images, very different to my usual pieces, are going to be accepted by IKEA. There is also the possibility of some of my collages being reproduced on canvas and some digital pieces as posters by The Art Group.

untitled-121ke: If you had to choose, which would be your favourite piece or commission that you have worked upon?

ac: It’s hard to choose between the piece I have only just finished or another called Bar Italia (below). My favourites always tend to be my latest pieces as I always think I can do better, but Bar Italia was a piece I did for ‘The One Ton Show’ and it was the first one I produced. I like looking at this and seeing how much my work has developed.


ke: Who, or what, would you say has been your biggest inspirations for your illustration work?

ac: I have always loved anything retro – design, homewares, clothes and I think this really shows in my work with both the colours and patterns. I think the most obvious artist that has influenced my work is Beatriz Milhazes, I just love how many colours she has in her paintings the big, bold patterns that have become synonymous with her name.

ke: I always find it fascinating to see peoples’ working space..wether it be their studios or bedrooms, kitchens, garages.. or a tiny space on their living room floor! Please could you describe your working space, to give us a sense of where and how you work?

ac: Small!  It’s a corner of my kitchen which has a table for cutting out the patterns and the wall which I pin the artwork to while I’m working. Once it’s nearly finished and all that is left to do is the embroidery I normally move to the lounge so I can watch TV while I’m doing it! I dream of having a bigger flat with a room I can call a studio!


ke: How difficult has it been for you to establish yourself as an artist?

ac: I don’t feel that I have established myself yet but I’m really happy with where I am at the moment, especially considering I only really have evenings and weekends to produce work and I only started doing this seriously about 6 months ago.

ke: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in a similar field?

ac: I think I’m far more in a position to be receiving advice rather than giving it out!  All I would say is if you are thinking about producing anything creative but don’t feel that you have the time – make the time. It really is rewarding and you never know what will come of it so at least give it a go. Also, take advantage of all the marketing opportunities that are out there, get a website, get on flickr, just get your work seen.

ke: And finally…what are your aspirations for the future?!

ac: I’d love to earn more from making art but  I enjoy it so much and just want to keep on doing it. Anything that comes from it is a bonus.

ke: Thanks Angie!!! x


To contact Angie direct, go to Angie’s website to see more from her portfolio, and to purchase on of your very own originals! Angie would also be happy to discuss personal commissions.