The work of John Murphy is excellent…we absolutely love it! Please check out the limited edition prints below…are they not lovely?!!! Not only are they fab, but they are extremely reasonably priced too – ranging from $35 to $65 (before postage) depending on the edition quantity.


Alongside his collage and line works, Murphy is also an award-winning photographer, and offers his work as open editions, limited editions and one-of-a-kinds. Check out his website for examples of his photographic work…the colour is amazing and they are equally as lovely as his collage pieces!

Over the past 10 years, John Murphy has worked as an artist, a curator and a designer, and has maintained a working studio that bridges the gap between fine art and commercial design practices. His work is included in both public and private collections throughout the United States and abroad..

I was fortunate to receive one of his prints below as a recent birthday present…and am tempted to now get another! But I want them all! How to choose!!!???