I fell in love with the work of John Murphy nearly two years ago, when I first came across his beautiful collage prints (see one of my very first posts here!). However..not only is John a master at print and collage, but also of photography too…

I want to share with you a few examples from John’s open & limited edition photography collections – twinned with his very own hand-finished frames. How stunning are these???!!!! The images below here are all from his open-edition collection, priced at $150 each. Each piece is an archival pigment print, and each frame is hand-finished (10 x 12 inches framed). Beeeeooootttiful!!

The following are all from John’s Limited Edition collection..again, in absolutely scrummy frames…. Prices and sizes vary depending on the piece (prices vary from $475 – $1400), but all are from small print runs – which makes them even more extra-special!…If you are interested in the frames only, John does sell these on their own, for a mere $55… available in a range of 10 different, delicious colour options..(check availability here!) Mmmmmmm…lip smacking!