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I have a new blog, dear people!! After nearly 5 years of working on All Kinds Of New, I am excited to be embarking upon a new venture with a very good friend of mine. Please check out our new joint ‘home’ at

ImageMorning Edit is an inspiring online ‘home’ for design-lovers, object-hoarders, print-admirers and for anyone who obsesses over even the tiniest of interior objects. So that’s you and us, guys!

Having worked together for over 7 years as Researchers in the publishing industry, sourcing new talent for both the global Interior and Stationery markets, Angie and I have embarked upon this exciting adventure of bringing together even more loveliness all under one roof for you to enjoy. We’ve been wanting to develop this for ages, and finally we’ve got things happening!

And so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and visit us… our new home. Thank you so much for visiting All Kinds Of New and following my sporadic, creative ramblings… if you’ve enjoyed your time here then you’ll love Morning Edit even more!

See you soon!

Katy xx




Who doesn’t like a nice pouf or beanbag, eh? If I was blessed with lots of floor space, I think I’d go a little bit pouf-crazy… Seriously – I would! And these AMAZING beanbags below would definitely be included in my pouf-athon… How cool are these? I can’t work out which one is my favourite… (let me know which yours is?).

Woouf are a Barcelona-based company, offering these fun – and unexpected – bean bags and cushions to the whole world via their excellent online store. I love them!!! Their cushions are damn nice too… Prices for the bean bags start at around 95 euros for the smaller pieces to 235 euros for the bigger ones..and from 45 euros for the cushions..



Ohhhhhh friends… how long has it been? Too long.. that’s how long!

However, I return with treats! I have just come back from visiting the amazing Maison & Objet show in gay Paris, and was blown away by so many wonderful, inventive, pretty, exciting things.. and so I am trawling my way through all of my finds to share some of them with you… Formidable!!!!

Firstly, please meet Gong – the collaboration between Belgian designer Jo Plismy and French designer, Guillaume Evrard. Gong produce bespoke furniture, handmade silk lamps and an array of interesting and unique objects for both the contemporary and traditional interior…but what caught my eye and my heartstrings was these absolutely breathtaking lampshades…

I am not alone in thinking this, am I? These are gorgeous!!!!! The pair have worked on a growing number of private residential projects and restaurants in London, while the wholesale part of the business continues to grow… and so watch this space!


Sorry for the recent silence everyone! My boyfriend and I are in the middle of trying to buy our new first home together, and it’s proving a bit time-dominating! But I wanted to write a quick post on sofas. Hmmmmm…yes… sofas! Tricky. They’re big. They’re kind of ‘in your face’ a little bit… and i’m unsure as to what my taste is for our new (potential) home..? After being asked by the nice people at DFS to have a look at their range, I thought i’d show you what my faves currently are…and as you can see, I’ve opted more for the chairs! I like chairs. I don’t feel the need to get matching items when it comes to chairs; I like the idea of having random items rather than a full-on matching suite.. And I LOVE footstools… footstools and poufs. Bring it on…


…to see what offers are available leading up to Christmas to ensure you have a comfy Chrimbo.. have a look here

Happy Thursday everyone!!! I have been invited to take part in the Autumn Home Style Challenge (of which i am honored!) courtesy of Most Wanted; the lifestyle magazine from the lovely people at The challenge I have been set, is to find 5-10 items to decorate a room, to help ourselves relax into the wonderful season of Autumn.

And so I have gone cosy…C-O-S-Y!… Snuggling down and enjoying our home comforts infront of the fire (or radiator)..with a good book and/or good people!… The trickiest part of the challenge is that each item has to be under £50… but in all honesty, I found it hard to limit my offerings to just 10! There are so many lovely things out there!

And so here we are… my top 10 finds of my idea of ‘Autumness’ (in no particular order):

1. Handmade Designer Lampshade by Love Frankie, via£25 each

2. Crochet square garlands by Wood & Wool Stool 25 euros each

3. Autumn Leaves limited edition print (/20) by Anthony Peters at imeus design (text reads: ‘Autumn Leaves – Story of the Seasons’). Print size is 40 x 50cm, and is £40 unframed.

4. Choo Choo Train Cushion by Too Much Too Young, via Bouf – currently on SALE for £21 each!

5. Sewn Sequels Cushion – Soldiers by Mini Moderns, via Bouf – £45 each

6. Stem vases by Ferm Living – 34.96 euros (Sml) and 39.95 euros (Lg)

7. Gold leaf taper candle holder (set of 3) by The Orchard, via£47 each

8. Original artwork by Angie Crowe –  acrylic on stretched linen with paper cut out and embroidery embellishments (30 x 30cm). Created to order – £50.

9. 100% handspun cotton pouf by Om Home, currently on SALE for $50!

10. Papier Mache decorations by Niki Jones (painted by artists in Kashmir, North India) – £25 for set of 4. Available in both round and teardrop shape.

We’ve got ourselves a little competition, running for the next two weeks, courtesy of Harveys – The Furniture Store (thanks, Mister Harvey!)… If these two cushions happen to catch your eye, here is YOUR chance to win the pair!




I am always fascinated to hear what makes someones house their home. I’ve lived in (what feels like) a zillion different flats and shared houses since leaving my Yorkshire roots and coming down south to (first) Brighton and (then) London. But what has always made me feel immediately at home is surrounding myself with photographs of my loved ones, and objects that hold meaning for me.. whether it be something given to me from a loved one, or something picked up on my travels.. or something that reminds me of moment which made me laugh so much my belly hurt. So it’s these things which make me feel at home, and it is these things which probably inspired my love affair with interiors.

So my favourite part of my home is my bookshelves – filled to bursting with not only books, but photographs, my ACDC collectors toy.. my stripy vases I bought in Spain (one which has a chip in it), my dragon mask I bought in Malaysia, my boyfriends comics from when he was a boy, my brother’s Noddy book collection which i don’t think he knows I have!..(he does now!), 3 different types of russian doll collections, and a tank. A small tank. And a plant called Matilda – which used to be ‘married’ to Matthew until I chucked him out 2 months ago into the skip when he went a bit brown and floppy.


What I want to find out is….

I would love to hear from you! For the best answer, you get to win the pair of cushions! So please do let me know!!! (and if you want to include a piccie – feel free!).

Unfortunately, winners of the cushions must live in the UK and be 18yrs or older… but anyone wanting to send in a reply anyway regardless of where they live PLEASE DO!!! Competition closes midnight on Fri 15th October.


I have been keeping my eyes open for something like this for a little while now…(for whenever we finally buy our new home!). I am not a great lover of net curtains..they get too dirty too easily and don’t always fit into the overall ‘look’ of the room..and I often like having objects on my window frames (cos i’ve got too darn many!). BUT I like the patterns that these friendly, cosy, homely ‘necessities’ can bring..not to mention the privacy. Especially if you are blessed with very little space between you having your dinner in front of the telly, and the no.36 bus!

Soooooooooo Emma Jeffs has the perfect solution. Her White Collection’ window films are – to my mind – wonderful!!!! They are white, beautiful patterns printed onto a frosted film. They allow light in, but the view is blurred if you look out, giving the appearance of frosted glass.. And from the outside, if an internal light is on, it is only possible to make out diffused shapes. I love the patterns..inspired by textiles, architecture, nature and geometry…

Here they are in more detail, to give you a better picture…each roll /sheet size is 100 x 120 cms (1 x 1.2m) and costs £49 plus p&p. For more sales info click here:

If you are keen to experiment with these patterns above before committing to a whole roll, you can purchase a sample pack online for a mere £4.00, incl.p&p. Each pack contains 6 x A6 samples plus 1 x White Collection booklet. Yay!

NEW products from the wonderfully talented Karin Åkesson!!!! Go direct to her website for these fantastic purchases:

‘Sweet Dreams’ Pillow cases back in stock! Set of pillow cases, two different birds with messages -‘Tomorrow something wonderful will happen’ and ‘Tomorrow will be a great day’.
£24.99 (including UK delivery)

Bird collection cards. A set of three greeting cards with bird drawing & messages.
Suitable for any occasion to brighten up someones day!
£9.50 (including UK delivery)

Adhensive labels for your special occasion! Choose one of the three designs and add your own message, date or name and stick them on wine bottles!

A perfect way to give a personal touch to wedding day or birthday party! Each pack contains eight labels with the same design. UK postage and packing for this item is FREE! (go to Not On The Highstreet for this particular purchase!)