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I have a new blog, dear people!! After nearly 5 years of working on All Kinds Of New, I am excited to be embarking upon a new venture with a very good friend of mine. Please check out our new joint ‘home’ at

ImageMorning Edit is an inspiring online ‘home’ for design-lovers, object-hoarders, print-admirers and for anyone who obsesses over even the tiniest of interior objects. So that’s you and us, guys!

Having worked together for over 7 years as Researchers in the publishing industry, sourcing new talent for both the global Interior and Stationery markets, Angie and I have embarked upon this exciting adventure of bringing together even more loveliness all under one roof for you to enjoy. We’ve been wanting to develop this for ages, and finally we’ve got things happening!

And so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and visit us… our new home. Thank you so much for visiting All Kinds Of New and following my sporadic, creative ramblings… if you’ve enjoyed your time here then you’ll love Morning Edit even more!

See you soon!

Katy xx



Here we have BUDDUG – another glorious find from yesterday’s trip to Pulse… I think these are gorgeous! If you’re London-based (or London-visiting!) then pop along to Jessie Chorley and Buddug’s shop in Colombia Road to check out their creations of hand made enamel jewellery & homewares (plus other delights). But fear not..if you are unable to make a visit, BUDDUG also have an online shop here! Result!

Here are some really nice, original pieces of jewellery (plus a door stop!) to share with you, thanks to OFFCUT design. Michael Harris and Gemma Gourlay formed OFFCUT in 2008, designing and making their own range of homewares and jewellery (predominately from discarded materials!). They are lovely, aren’t they? I really like the bow necklace particularly!!



Have a look here to see where you can by your own piece of OFFCUT!!! Pop into Shelf on Cheshire Street just off Brick Lane, also, to see some of their collection for yourself! Shelf is a fantastic little shop where (on Thursdays – Sundays!) you can find all sorts of amazing pieces of..well.. everything! Ceramics…homeware…jewellery…furniture..artwork…everything! It’s definitely a fantastic place to visit for any pressie-buying!!


There is an amazing little gallery / shop in Edinburgh that I cannot recommend enough if you happen to be visiting this breath-taking city…The Red Door Gallery can be found in the creative hub of Victoria Street, and is a perfect place to go if you are gift-shopping and want something more exciting, more interesting or just downright more unique than your average high street shop. This year, the guys at Red Door are celebrating 7 years as one of Edinburgh’s most distinctive boutique art spaces, supporting the work of independent and emerging designers with their dedication to presenting original, inspirational and affordable artwork. So definitely worth a visit.

However, if you are unlikely to be wandering the streets of Edinburgh anytime soon,then do not fear! Check our Red Door’s online shop here…. as well as their blog, for more scrummy goodness…

Artists ‘housed’ by the Red Door Gallery include Andy Smith, Hannah Waldron, Seymour, Hanna Melin, Chris MacFarlane, Elsie Dodds, Karin Akesson, Alice Melvin, Me and Zena, Helpless Romantic, Donna Wilson, Third Drawer Down and Miso Funky (to mention but a few)…phew! Here are a few bits and pieces from just a few of these talented people…available to purchase online:


Jewellery & gifts


‘Half Way Home’ tenements:

How lovely are these tenement models above? Red Door recently constructed ‘Half Way Home’, a show created from Finch and Fouracre’s Tenement Model Kits which have been customised by a selected group of artists. The guys at Red Door like to think of the gallery as a temporary home for all the artwork and objects they are provided with – almost a stopgap on the way to their final homes (which in Scotland might just be a tenement flat). Such a nice idea! And so a selection of artists were all invited to customise a model in their own distinct style. Each Tenement is available to purchase, ranging from £35 and £75 depending on how intricate each design is. The two designs above are by Andy Smith (£45) and Emily Hogarth (£55)… F  A  B  !!

I came across these really lovely ‘wound’ rings last weekend, whilst strolling round the new Schoolyard at Broadway Market with my friend. There were quite a few stalls within the Schoolyard, showing a nice selection of jewellery and accessories… but this designers work really stood out above the others… These gorgeous little rings are hammered silver, wound with embroidery thread in red, blue, green or pink …and very purse-friendly at £29.95 each (with £3.50 / £5.50 p&p depending on where you live)…. I really like the colour with the dulled-down silver…. Simple yet really cute!

Have a closer look at Natalie Reed’s work here….

RUST do THE MOST BEAUTIFUL jewellery!!! Feast your eyes on the following…. Ohhhhh lordy.. I know I love my jewellery, but this is really making the hairs on my neck stand on end…(seriously!)

Nao Utsumi and Artemis Russell are the creatives behind RUST. They have a shop in the Harujuku area of Tokyo, and a tiny, top floor, victorian workshop in Hatton Garden, London (just around the corner from where I work! Yay!).. Prices vary from approx £70 upwards..and they have a very convenient online shop here. STUNNING!!!!

These animal rings have caught my eye – priced at $75 for the single rings, and $95 for the double rings at the bottom… But quite unusual, huh? I like their pure white-ness! Go to Haoshi Design‘s online shop here, to purchase via paypal. Too easy!

There is a wonderful jewellery shop on Cheshire Street, just off Brick Lane in the East End of London.. and it houses some absolutely gorgeous pieces that really take your breath away!!!!

Amy Anderson is the designer and ultimate creative force behind the Comfort Station label – following a Fine Art degree, and then a stall in Portobello Market. But what initially started as a part-time side venture to fund her Art practice quickly grew into a full-time business and shops were soon knocking at the door. Limited edition ranges of printed crockery, jewellery with hidden messages, unusual themes, materials and techniques are just some of the things keeping her busy in the studio. Stunning!

Prices vary from about £60 upwards – but the craftmanship really justifies the price tag. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted at the Comfort Station studio in East London to exacting standards thus keeping it from becoming a mass-produced object. No animal products are used in the collections, and all the wood is from sustainable resources and manufacturing solely within the UK.

You’ll be pleased to know that Comfort Station has an online store – making the items even harder to resist! However, I really recommend a visit to the store if you are in the area – it has subsequently been featured in fashion and design publications not only for its products but also for its unique interior! Purrrrrrrr….


Words cannot express how gorgeous I think Bjørg jewellery is. Not only is the jewellery sumptuous and sexy, but so is the website and photography. Beautifully enchanting and magical!


I am so lost for words, that i don’t think i’m going to say anything. Check these product pics below..and then explore the website for yourself…..Enjoy…!!



The jewellery by UK designers Ridley & Dowse is fab…!! I really like it..I like their simple sillhouette-style designs in stainless steel..some with almost ‘punctuated’ surface textures. How goddamn good?

Ridley and Dowse is the result of a close collaboration between two long-time friends – Vivienne Ridley and Susannah Dowse. Their collaboration combines their appreciation for aesthetic perfection, attention to detail and ethical beliefs on design and production. And how good are their results! Check out the necklaces below…Prices start at £35 approx upwards…but really reasonably priced, I feel!


And how cute are these earrings below..prices starting at £10… Soooooo good!


You can order online, on their ‘boutique’ page..But check the full collection out for yourself, as there are some really great gems!