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I have a new blog, dear people!! After nearly 5 years of working on All Kinds Of New, I am excited to be embarking upon a new venture with a very good friend of mine. Please check out our new joint ‘home’ at

ImageMorning Edit is an inspiring online ‘home’ for design-lovers, object-hoarders, print-admirers and for anyone who obsesses over even the tiniest of interior objects. So that’s you and us, guys!

Having worked together for over 7 years as Researchers in the publishing industry, sourcing new talent for both the global Interior and Stationery markets, Angie and I have embarked upon this exciting adventure of bringing together even more loveliness all under one roof for you to enjoy. We’ve been wanting to develop this for ages, and finally we’ve got things happening!

And so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and visit us… our new home. Thank you so much for visiting All Kinds Of New and following my sporadic, creative ramblings… if you’ve enjoyed your time here then you’ll love Morning Edit even more!

See you soon!

Katy xx




I have just finished my ceramic beginners class – and I loved every minute! So much so that I have just signed on to continue again in September..(yay!). I thought I’d share with you what created..check out the following. They are a bit misshapen, and I have a LOT to learn, but I think i’m kinda proud (ish!):


I visited the ever-wonderful Cockpit Studios last Sunday in the rain…and boy, it was soooo worth it. I knew it would be! I floated from studio to studio in a wistful dream, wanting to take home all of the lovely creations on show. I have been doing a beginners pottery course every Monday for the last few months (an AMAZING present from my boyfriend – whoop whoop!) and am just in awe of anyone working with ceramics. And SO many can be found at Cockpit!

New to me (but maybe not to you?!) was the work of Shan Annabelle Valla below… Her porcelain birds were just gorgeous, and I am regretting not taking any home with me now! But there is an online shop (hurrah!). Check out her porcelain keys (especially the brooch)…and I am just head over heels with the ‘half’ busts; 5 cast busts, hand cut and arranged in frame. Beau-ti-ful!!

Here we have BUDDUG – another glorious find from yesterday’s trip to Pulse… I think these are gorgeous! If you’re London-based (or London-visiting!) then pop along to Jessie Chorley and Buddug’s shop in Colombia Road to check out their creations of hand made enamel jewellery & homewares (plus other delights). But fear not..if you are unable to make a visit, BUDDUG also have an online shop here! Result!

I came across these rather pretty ceramic pieces this morning at Pulse..and wanted to show them off ASAP. Aren’t they sweet? I really want the jug! Go to Tea with Bea to have a closer look.. They have lots and lots of different ceramic tableware pieces to drool over! (dribble dribble!)..

I only came across Hannah Turner‘s ceramics recently, but wanted to share them with you ASAP! They are really adorable..and easily collectable (as I don’t know how I could pick just only one of them!). How cute how cute how cute! Prices start from around £28 upwards, depending on your chosen piece… and so have a look at the full range here!



“One of the UK’s hottest Interior Designers” – Mary Portas

I added a link to my blog for Atelier Abigail Ahern last year when I first came across her fantastic shop on 137 Upper Street, Islington, London, but foolishly never wrote an actual post! What was I thinking!?  Described perfectly as an “Aladdin’s cave of gorgeousness, bang on trend, gracious and grown up”, it is filled with an abundance of stunning items for the home – from lighting to art, to mirrors, furniture and animal heads. And what’s even better – you can now choose from her eclectic collection from her online shop. Hurrah!

What has really caught my eye, however, are these wonderful lamps below… I officially LOVE . THEM! Prices start at £195 upwards, depending on your favorite piece…but I really really really want one. Really!


Check out Abigail’s blog here too.. to be kept up to date with her latest likes, influences and favorite things!

I came across Miho – Unexpected Things in the amazing Fleux store in Paris last year, but they also had a fantastic stand at the Maison et Objet show in Paris this week! I really like their products – so much so that I have a new little birdbox ready to construct in our new home (which hopefully I’ll be able to put up soooon!). Miho’s products are really sweet – a DIY little beauty which comes flat-packed but which is really easy to put together. I have it on good authority that you can purchase the range at the V&A shop (or is it Tate Modern?) as well.. And so for anyone without a garden but who would like to get in touch with their ‘feathered friend’ side, then these are for you….


Ohhhhhh friends… how long has it been? Too long.. that’s how long!

However, I return with treats! I have just come back from visiting the amazing Maison & Objet show in gay Paris, and was blown away by so many wonderful, inventive, pretty, exciting things.. and so I am trawling my way through all of my finds to share some of them with you… Formidable!!!!

Firstly, please meet Gong – the collaboration between Belgian designer Jo Plismy and French designer, Guillaume Evrard. Gong produce bespoke furniture, handmade silk lamps and an array of interesting and unique objects for both the contemporary and traditional interior…but what caught my eye and my heartstrings was these absolutely breathtaking lampshades…

I am not alone in thinking this, am I? These are gorgeous!!!!! The pair have worked on a growing number of private residential projects and restaurants in London, while the wholesale part of the business continues to grow… and so watch this space!


For anyone unsure of what Christmas presents to buy.. I can heartily recommend! To Dry For is an online boutique specialising in designer tea towels (set up by a husband and wife team based in Oxford, UK)..and their teatowel collection is fantastic!!! Anyone who knows me (and may be expecting a Christmas present from me) better look away now, as I may spoil Santas’ surprise! But yes – feast your eyes on the following designs… there is sooooooo much choice!

Designers include Rob Ryan, Lush Designs, Darling Clementine, Puntuck, Snowdon Flood, Jay Jay Burridge, Charlotte Farmer, Maria Dahlgren, and LovelyLovely – to mention but a few! (pheweee!) So it’s a really nice way to purchase some of these fantastic artists’ work! Teatowels are priced between £8 – £12 each (and you get free postage when you buy 3 or more!).. so yes… happy Christmas shopping one and all!!!!!! x