I visited the ever-wonderful Cockpit Studios last Sunday in the rain…and boy, it was soooo worth it. I knew it would be! I floated from studio to studio in a wistful dream, wanting to take home all of the lovely creations on show. I have been doing a beginners pottery course every Monday for the last few months (an AMAZING present from my boyfriend – whoop whoop!) and am just in awe of anyone working with ceramics. And SO many can be found at Cockpit!

New to me (but maybe not to you?!) was the work of Shan Annabelle Valla below… Her porcelain birds were just gorgeous, and I am regretting not taking any home with me now! But there is an online shop (hurrah!). Check out her porcelain keys (especially the brooch)…and I am just head over heels with the ‘half’ busts; 5 cast busts, hand cut and arranged in frame. Beau-ti-ful!!