For anyone unsure of what Christmas presents to buy.. I can heartily recommend! To Dry For is an online boutique specialising in designer tea towels (set up by a husband and wife team based in Oxford, UK)..and their teatowel collection is fantastic!!! Anyone who knows me (and may be expecting a Christmas present from me) better look away now, as I may spoil Santas’ surprise! But yes – feast your eyes on the following designs… there is sooooooo much choice!

Designers include Rob Ryan, Lush Designs, Darling Clementine, Puntuck, Snowdon Flood, Jay Jay Burridge, Charlotte Farmer, Maria Dahlgren, and LovelyLovely – to mention but a few! (pheweee!) So it’s a really nice way to purchase some of these fantastic artists’ work! Teatowels are priced between £8 – £12 each (and you get free postage when you buy 3 or more!).. so yes… happy Christmas shopping one and all!!!!!! x