I am a MASSIVE fan of A Little Bit Of Art; an online gallery specializing in selling limited edition prints at affordable prices.. Not only do they sell their pieces online, but also at pop-up events, design shows and other temporary events – offering a really nice, diverse collection of artists’ work. Artists include James Brown, Freya Cummings, Ben The Illustrator, Art For Babies, Joe Magee, Gary S. Holt, Hannah Bays, Jonas Ranson, Lucie Sheridan, Simon Tozer and Gato Gateaux – to mention just a few!! Seriously – go check them out NOW!!!

Another artist A Little Bit Of Art features is the fabulous Delphine Lebourgeois. Not only has she a wonderful name (Katy sounds soooo boring in comparison…sigh!) – but her work is equally as exciting… Here are a few pieces i’ve picked out below…

For me, the colours just seem so vibrant and exotic…and the imagery itself feels quite magical..even mysterious. Have a look at Delphine’s website & blog here…and to buy any of this artists’ work as prints, go to the A Little Bit Of Art website where prints are priced from about £150 upwards (as editions of 20). Magnifico!