We’ve got ourselves a little competition, running for the next two weeks, courtesy of Harveys – The Furniture Store (thanks, Mister Harvey!)… If these two cushions happen to catch your eye, here is YOUR chance to win the pair!




I am always fascinated to hear what makes someones house their home. I’ve lived in (what feels like) a zillion different flats and shared houses since leaving my Yorkshire roots and coming down south to (first) Brighton and (then) London. But what has always made me feel immediately at home is surrounding myself with photographs of my loved ones, and objects that hold meaning for me.. whether it be something given to me from a loved one, or something picked up on my travels.. or something that reminds me of moment which made me laugh so much my belly hurt. So it’s these things which make me feel at home, and it is these things which probably inspired my love affair with interiors.

So my favourite part of my home is my bookshelves – filled to bursting with not only books, but photographs, my ACDC collectors toy.. my stripy vases I bought in Spain (one which has a chip in it), my dragon mask I bought in Malaysia, my boyfriends comics from when he was a boy, my brother’s Noddy book collection which i don’t think he knows I have!..(he does now!), 3 different types of russian doll collections, and a tank. A small tank. And a plant called Matilda – which used to be ‘married’ to Matthew until I chucked him out 2 months ago into the skip when he went a bit brown and floppy.


What I want to find out is….

I would love to hear from you! For the best answer, you get to win the pair of cushions! So please do let me know!!! (and if you want to include a piccie – feel free!).

Unfortunately, winners of the cushions must live in the UK and be 18yrs or older… but anyone wanting to send in a reply anyway regardless of where they live PLEASE DO!!! Competition closes midnight on Fri 15th October.