I have been keeping my eyes open for something like this for a little while now…(for whenever we finally buy our new home!). I am not a great lover of net curtains..they get too dirty too easily and don’t always fit into the overall ‘look’ of the room..and I often like having objects on my window frames (cos i’ve got too darn many!). BUT I like the patterns that these friendly, cosy, homely ‘necessities’ can bring..not to mention the privacy. Especially if you are blessed with very little space between you having your dinner in front of the telly, and the no.36 bus!

Soooooooooo Emma Jeffs has the perfect solution. Her White Collection’ window films are – to my mind – wonderful!!!! They are white, beautiful patterns printed onto a frosted film. They allow light in, but the view is blurred if you look out, giving the appearance of frosted glass.. And from the outside, if an internal light is on, it is only possible to make out diffused shapes. I love the patterns..inspired by textiles, architecture, nature and geometry…

Here they are in more detail, to give you a better picture…each roll /sheet size is 100 x 120 cms (1 x 1.2m) and costs £49 plus p&p. For more sales info click here:

If you are keen to experiment with these patterns above before committing to a whole roll, you can purchase a sample pack online for a mere £4.00, incl.p&p. Each pack contains 6 x A6 samples plus 1 x White Collection booklet. Yay!