There is an amazing little gallery / shop in Edinburgh that I cannot recommend enough if you happen to be visiting this breath-taking city…The Red Door Gallery can be found in the creative hub of Victoria Street, and is a perfect place to go if you are gift-shopping and want something more exciting, more interesting or just downright more unique than your average high street shop. This year, the guys at Red Door are celebrating 7 years as one of Edinburgh’s most distinctive boutique art spaces, supporting the work of independent and emerging designers with their dedication to presenting original, inspirational and affordable artwork. So definitely worth a visit.

However, if you are unlikely to be wandering the streets of Edinburgh anytime soon,then do not fear! Check our Red Door’s online shop here…. as well as their blog, for more scrummy goodness…

Artists ‘housed’ by the Red Door Gallery include Andy Smith, Hannah Waldron, Seymour, Hanna Melin, Chris MacFarlane, Elsie Dodds, Karin Akesson, Alice Melvin, Me and Zena, Helpless Romantic, Donna Wilson, Third Drawer Down and Miso Funky (to mention but a few)…phew! Here are a few bits and pieces from just a few of these talented people…available to purchase online:


Jewellery & gifts


‘Half Way Home’ tenements:

How lovely are these tenement models above? Red Door recently constructed ‘Half Way Home’, a show created from Finch and Fouracre’s Tenement Model Kits which have been customised by a selected group of artists. The guys at Red Door like to think of the gallery as a temporary home for all the artwork and objects they are provided with – almost a stopgap on the way to their final homes (which in Scotland might just be a tenement flat). Such a nice idea! And so a selection of artists were all invited to customise a model in their own distinct style. Each Tenement is available to purchase, ranging from £35 and £75 depending on how intricate each design is. The two designs above are by Andy Smith (£45) and Emily Hogarth (£55)… F  A  B  !!