Anthony Peters of Imeus Design is just soooooooo good at what he does! I love his work!! (see here when I have interviewed him before for All Kinds Of New!)… Well… this is too hot not to share, and I know you are going to love it as much as me! Anthony was recently invited by Italian Publishers Corriani to be the guest illustrator for their Un Sedicesimo 16 page mini magazine. And the results are gorgeous!  Just abso-bloomin-lutely’ gorgeous….

I love the happiness and joy embodied in all of these pieces (and these are only a few I selected from the magazine!)… I feel happy and full of optimism just looking at these.. My favourite today is the ‘Go On Holiday’ piece… but I know tomorrow it will change! They make me smile.. they make me feel kinda child-like, for some reason.. the simple happiness of eating nice biscuits (especially the jammy ones)… I love the homage to soft rock (thanks for that one Ant!)… being by the seaside and eating ice-creams (or dropping them, which was more my style). At a time when things might be a bit tough, it makes me look at all of the good things in life and it makes me feel good. Really good!


Just FYI (as this is really interesting!!)..this is how Corriani describe this amazing magazine….“Un Sedicesimo is a typographical measure: a sixteen-pages-binding, but is also a magazine..Seventeen centimetres width for twentyfour height. But it’s not a traditional magazine, it hasn’t got an editorial office nor a subject nor a fixed design. Each issue has a different author, whose job is to create a sixteen-pages-long project. Un Sedicesimo will be a magazine different at each time, from the headline to the colophon. It will become a sort of gallery on paper, which proposes a new personal exhibition every two months, six times a year. In short, it’s not about speaking of graphics, but making it”

So yes… pretty lovely, huh? You can subscribe to Un Sedicesimo here –  6 issues of Un Sedicesimo (with possible inserts too!) for only €36 if in the EU, or €42 if outside the EU..which is a bargain for such lovely pieces of work!! And check out some of the other designers’ editions of this magazine here… some really impressive names!

Nice one, Peters!!! I am doffing my invisible cap 🙂 xx