Blanca Gómez is one of my favourite illustrators (a bold statement, I know!) …I adore her work… I love the delightful characters she creates.. I love the screenprinty, block-printy feeling her images somehow encompass…yet clean and simple at the same time. I love the muted palette…the colour combinations.. her use of space, and being not afraid to keep that space and be proud of that balance.  Cosas mínimas means “Tiny Things” in Spanish, and this even makes me smile as well!

I have been fortunate enough to work with Blanca on some of her images for cards and prints.. and she is always an absolute joy to work with!! Infact, I barely have to contribute anything really… the work is all her…I certainly can’t take any credit! But I just wanted to share with you a few pieces from her portfolio… the London, Paris and New York were one of our more recent projects together (which are just F.A.B!!!) and I love her bicycle prints, and her character work. Just lovely lovely lovely!!! Grain Edit did a fantastic interview with Blanca here.. so have a read and enjoy! Thanks Grain Edit! And thanks Blanca! x