How gorgeous are these pieces below? I have just come across them on the Niki Jones online shop..which offers some really beautiful items. No two items in the Niki Jones collection are quite the same, with each piece telling its own unique story – from its humble beginnings to its final destination as a treasure to take pride of place in your home.

The cushions start from £45 upwards..and one or two of them are currently in their sale, so have a look quickly if they catch your eye! I think they’re absolutely lovely!

The circular black & white cushions are 100% lambswool, hand knitted in India. The design is based on Icelandic jumper yolkspieces..and how lovely are they??!! The coloured circular cushions are inspired by traditional Uzbek textiles from North Afghanistan. 100% cotton casement base cloth with hand embroidery and handmade cotton pompom details… so yes… really deeelish! Have a look at the website for more info on specific pieces…I’m also liking their papier mache boxes too..and some Christmas decorations, which i’ve included pics of here! Mmmmm……yummy!