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Cindy-Lee Davies is the designer behind Melbourne-based design house Lightly. The company was born in 2005, and as a homage to her grandmother Rosemary Estelle Lightly, Cindy works with her design house to create beautiful, delicate homeware collections which are reminiscent of daily rituals and domesticity in the home..

Lightly have some really lovely products, ranging from lighting to tableware to accessories and ceramics. Here is a personal favourite; their ceramic butterfly collection..so delicate and pretty, with a contemporary twist. For me, it reminds me of the ‘three ducks on a wall’ so iconic of the 1950’s, and a classic symbol of the English working-class house..but this takes it to another level, and I can imagine how fab these would look on my wall!

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butterThe hardest part will be to choose which ones to buy.. But please note: these pieces are made from recycled saucers, and so no two are the same..Specific designs cannot be ordered but instead you can let Lightly know what your preferences might be..and they’ll do their best to match! Orders can be made online (whoop whoop!) and prices are approx $45 pre-postage..