Picture 4Hello hello hello! Welcome (back?) to All Kinds of New! I have been crazily busy these last couple of weeks, and so have been unable to keep on top of my lovely finds…But here I am, ready to rock!

I have been sat on this little find for a few weeks now (no pun intended).. I absolutely adore these ‘low lying pouffes’, as they are called…don’t you agree? I love the colours..the overall design…and would just love to own one. Priced from £215 to £390, they are not particularly wallet-friendly, but each one is made by hand stuffing Calico bags and upholstering them with knitted panels ‘reminiscent of segments of an orange’ apparently! Love it! How nice would these look in your living room. I might bannish anyone sitting on them while drinking red wine perhaps…but still…sooo bloomin nice!

These gems were created by London-based designer Donna Wilson, to bring a little softness, intimacy and colour into the home! Donna also designs and makes cushions, blankets, stationary, tableware..all sorts of lovely things! Check out her website for the full collection.