The jewellery by UK designers Ridley & Dowse is fab…!! I really like it..I like their simple sillhouette-style designs in stainless steel..some with almost ‘punctuated’ surface textures. How goddamn good?

Ridley and Dowse is the result of a close collaboration between two long-time friends – Vivienne Ridley and Susannah Dowse. Their collaboration combines their appreciation for aesthetic perfection, attention to detail and ethical beliefs on design and production. And how good are their results! Check out the necklaces below…Prices start at £35 approx upwards…but really reasonably priced, I feel!


And how cute are these earrings below..prices starting at £10… Soooooo good!


You can order online, on their ‘boutique’ page..But check the full collection out for yourself, as there are some really great gems!