Back in November last year, I wanted to find some lovely but unusual silver jewellery, to give to a really close friend as part of her birthday present. Not knowing where to look but wanting to get something really special, I randomly typed in ‘silver jewellery’ on the Etsy search engine, and was immediately blessed with the work of Linda Taylor, and her recycled and reinvented jewellery…also known as LTCreatesJewelry.

Linda makes knife, fork and spoon jewellery. Yep – thats right… rings, bracelets and pendants re-formed by hand from cutlery handles. But what makes these pieces so special are that each piece is absolutely unique! And all of the spoons and forks etc. are vintage pieces. So these really are special! Check out how gorgeous the rings are below… I ended up purchasing two (one which my boyfriend gave me as a pressie!) as I couldn’t decide which I liked the most!


But the prices are pretty astounding also…rings are approx $14.80 before postage (LTC is based in Florida)!!! So can definitely justify multi-purchasing!!! Have a look at Linda’s bracelets below too… In the flesh they are even more lovely, believe me. These start at around $24.50. But as all of the items are unique – and often made to order – I’d recommend purchasing as quickly as possible! Linda will ask for your ring (or wrist!) size, to ensure that you get the perfectly fitting piece!

Go check the website out for yourself, to see all current pieces for sale… So lovely!