I really love the work of Ros Shiers. It seems to satisfy not only my love of strong, bold, graphic illustration, but also my passion for all things decorative and beautiful too. Plus, some of her pieces are on the ‘kinky’ side as well!..so not a bad combo at all!

Ros recently took part in two of the coolest, most impressive illustration exhibitions i’ve seen in ages, right here on our doorstep in London – and her work looked wicked. The first was the One Ton Show, held back in December at Shoreditch Town Hall, and the second was the fabulous ‘F**K ART Lets LOVE!!’ exhibition held at Swanfield Yard, E2. Both were hosted by The East End Arts Club…and both received more visitors on their opening nights than the venues’ could allow for! The two pieces Ros created for these shows are here below…and as you can imagine, they jumped right off the walls they were hung upon!


If you are interested in purchasing one of Ros’ prints, go straight to the online shop on her website….Or make sure you come to the next East End Arts Club show incase Ros partakes again! (watch this space for the next show info!)

Ros also undertakes many commercial commissions via her UK and Dubai agents – so go to her ‘contacts’ page on her site to find out more and see what might be possible. Ros is not only a very talented illustrator, but also a really lovely person too…so i know she’d be happy to discuss any projects with you!