picture-1I came across the beautiful work of Margo Selby last year for the first time, and was instantly wowed by her textile patterns and gorgeous colours! Surprise surprise –  she was also exhibiting at the Paris Maison&Objet show! And it made me realise that i HAD to add her to All Kinds of New ASAP. I have been meaning to since I started this blog.

Margo Selby is a London-based, award winning, woven textile designer. She produces a variety of lifestyle products including cushions, rugs, throws, wallpapers, scarves, bags and purses. You can easily purchase Margo Selby’s products from her online shop…and you can visit the Margo Selby team at their studio-shop in central London and see all of the collection first-hand! The prices are not exactly cheap…but as all the fabrics are developed on a handloom in their studio, you can understand why! Lush!